If you've signed up for BlogRush yet, and have logged in a few times, you may have noticed something odd -- each time you load the dashboard page, the shape of that curve showing how many syndication credits you've earned seems a little different. I'm not just talking about the part of the curve for today -- all of the past days seem to change! What's up with that?

I think I know.

I'm guessing that it's not a bug. What I think is happening is that they're not showing data points for particular days, beginning at midnight in some unknown timezone and ending at midnight 24 hours later. Instead, I'm guessing that "today" means the last 24 hours, "yesterday" means the 24 hours before that, and so on.

By doing it that way, they avoid either having to ask for your timezone or arbitrarily pick some place in the world and calculate all dates from there. Calculating this way also means that you don't have to do any mental gymnastics to decide whether you're earning credits at your normal rate part way through the day -- if the last data point is roughly as high as your average, then you're probably doing about the same as normal right now.