Looking after number one--
The more I work, the more gets done.
...the more I do, the more he asks--
I'll add it to my list of tasks.

My list consists of four main parts:
With urgent tasks is where it starts--
Important first, and then less so.
Below is where non-urgents go.

Non-urgent, but important task?
It's in the section next to last.
And failing both criteria
Earns it the bottom-most spot. Duh!

I've got my list, and off I go.
...the morning starts a little slow.
While I wake up, I'll grab the reins
Of tasks that don't require much brains.

Not urgent, not important. Still,
They're on my list, so do I will!
In no time, I've checked off that bunch!
"In no time"? Oh, it's time for lunch.

Then while I eat, I think with glee
How I've worked so efficiently
So organizedly and so quick--
I make my list and to it stick!

Again I scan my to-do list...
Okay, okay, I get the gist.
I've urgent things that I must do...
I hear my boss call out "hey, you!

"I've got a task or two I need
Completed with tremendous speed.
Drop everything and do these things
Before the closing whistle sings."

I'll categorize what he asks:
They're urgent and important tasks.
I get to work, and soon they're done.
It's quitting time, I'm off for fun!

And during my evening commute
When traffic's slow, I can compute
How using to-do lists helps me
To labor so efficiently.