I was watching a video of a business consultation my bother (the lawyer) did with a local businessman recently. One of the things he said was that fear is always a bad value.

Sometimes people say that fear is good when it keeps you from doing dumb things. And that's true. But the point is that fear is never a good focus.

If the guiding principle of your life is to avoid making mistakes, you're not likely to have much success. Because the path to success generally passes through a number of mistakes.

Today, Ray Edwards wrote:

I’m no longer asking myself the questions I asked in the old days.

Questions like, “What if I say something stupid? What if I have broccoli in my teeth, or what if they don’t like me?”

Those are lousy questions.

Yep. Fear is a lousy value. Sure, don't do dumb things. But keep your focus on the positive possibilities, not on keeping the things you fear at bay.