I happened to notice this morning that GeckoTribe.com has gotten an "authority listing" from Google for the search terms (don't be too shocked) "gecko tribe". I'm not bragging -- it's not like those are very common search terms. But it's nice to see.

GeckoTribe.com authority listing in Google

(click to enlarge)

You'll notice I kept the AdWords ads in the screen shot. All three point to the page I sell CaRP through ClickBank from (not my main CaRP sales page). Oddly, two of them have the "registered" symbol on them ... uh, guys, "Gecko Tribe" is NOT registered. And what's up with "special limited time offer"? I suppose all offers are limited time -- I can't imagine it'll last forever. Still, the ads seem a little weird to me.

I wonder if any of my sites have authority listings for any other search terms...