I started working on my taxes today. Step 1: buy H&R Block At Home (formerly known as "Tax Cut"). I've used it for years, and will continue using it. But they've got pricing issues that are getting on my nerves.

For last year, I bought my copy off Amazon before the end of the 2009. The price didn't bother me at all.

Until a month or so later when H&R Block mailed me an offer priced lower than I'd paid!

This year, I remembered what had happened last time, so I waited. Sure enough, they mailed me a discount offer that was $5 cheaper than Amazon.

And then they mailed me another offers at the regular price.

And today they emailed me another offer priced between the Amazon and regular prices.

It's like trying to price airline tickets!

Guys, if you're going to offer former buyers a discount (which is a good thing), send them the offer soon enough that they'll get it before buying elsewhere. And stop changing the price with every offer. If you have me listed in multiple databases, some of which get the good offer and some of which get the higher-than-Amazon offer, do a little de-duping (but be sure not to remove me from the good offer database!)

I got the best price (as far as I know!), so I have no complaint there (this year), but it sure looks silly. And you're going to anger customers who buy before they get the discount offer.