My experience with taxes this year was mixed (ain't it always!)

The bad: The IRS sent my tax return back to me asking me to attach a W-2. All of my income is from self-employment (through my LLC), so I have no W-2 wages. My tax return said "0" on the W-2 line. My only guess at why this might have happened (other than an outright mistake) is that last year was the first year my wife hadn't worked the whole year -- we used to file a W-2 for her.

The good: When I called the IRS to ask what to do about it, the person I spoke to was very pleasant, and we quickly got to the proper course of action: send the return back in with a note explaining that I don't have any W-2 wages. I did. It worked. I got my refund today.

The ugly: If you read this post mostly to revel in the ugly, well, sorry. No ugly. Despite the delay in getting my refund (and my economic stimulus whatchamacallit, which hasn't come yet), all in all, I'd say my experience dealing with the IRS was positive, thanks to representative I spoke with on the phone.

As much as people dislike the IRS, I figure they could use some praise once in a while.