The first time I saw Sarah Palin, she struck me as an intelligent, well-spoken person who had her head on straight. I'm not saying that I was ready to call myself a Republican again, but I was impressed. (BTW, I'm not calling myself a Democrat either, just so that you know).

So why on earth is she acting like the second coming of George W. Bush? Here's what I mean by that.

One of the defining characteristics of the Bush administration seems to be the policy of repeating things that have been conclusively disproved over and over again as if anyone with an ounce of objectivity still believed them...or perhaps in the hope that repeating it often enough would make people think "it MUST be true -- why else would they keep repeating it so often after it sounded like it had been disproved?"

So first of all, how did she think she was going to get away with taking credit for deciding that the "bridge to nowhere" was a colossal waste of money and needed to be axed, when the public record clearly shows differently? That in itself was enough to convince me that she's just another politician.

But then she made it worse by continuing to repeat the lie (okay, maybe she's weasel-wording it in a way that keeps it from being an outright lie, but she's certainly trying to deceive, which in my book is the same thing). In an election where so much emphasis is being put on the need for change, why employ the worst tactics of the outgoing administration?

I don't expect politicians to be the most straightforward of people, but I don't expect them to treat the people like complete morons. Whatever Sarah Palin's strengths may be, at least for the moment, they're completely overshadowed in my mind by what feels like a personal insult.

Maybe I'll vote Libertarian again. Not that I want the Libertarian candidate to win, but at least my little vote will count against the big two parties.

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Kenny said:
Check this article about Palin by a wonderful investigative journal. Kenny PS. I'm looking over your site and I found this post...
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