I'll have to explain that headline, won't I?

I'm about to completely overhaul the way CaRP Evolution, Grouper Evolution, and some of my other products are sold. Instead of giving away a stripped down version of the apps for free, the core application will be free -- the full version. Plugins and add-ons (like Lobster and YesTube) will be sold individually or in a bundle.

Why would you want to buy now?

Right now, CaRP Evolution sells with all the plugins and a bunch of bonuses for $47. Once the core application becomes free, the total cost of the extras if purchased separately will be over $120. You'll still be able to get a huge discount by buying a bundle that includes everything, but the price will be $67.

It'll take me a few days to update my systems and switch everything over. Till then, CaRP Evolution will still be available with all the extras for $47. I'll announce exactly when the switch-over will happen within a few days.