During the last summer olympics, NBC seemed to think we'd be more interested in watching their biographical vignettes than the athletes' performances. It was the low point in a string of olympics that made me really wish they didn't have the exclusive U.S. broadcasting rights. And I really didn't like Bob Costas.

Based on this year's coverage, I think it wasn't all Bob's fault -- I've been pleasantly surprised to enjoy his role, along with the majority of everything else I've seen.

There have been imperfections, like the ridiculous interviews of people who'd just made a big mistake. For example, why on earth do we need to hear what a runner has to say minutes after they've been disqualified and lost their bronze medal for having stepped on a line? If the reporter had just lost their job because of some mistake they made, would they want someone shoving a camera in their face and asking how they feel? Let's have a little more class, folks.

Still, overall I've really enjoyed the coverage (not to mention the performances!) It's nice not to have to say "less yack, more track" this time.