Today, along with a minor CaRP update, I sent out a few hints at what's coming in a major CaRP update I hope to release next month. Here are some bullet points from today's email:

  • I'm hoping to implement a new configuration method that doesn't require all of the CarpConf calls. A change this big will be tricky, so I can't promise that this feature will make it into the next update. (The current configuration method will continue to be supported.)
  • Working with Atom feeds is going to get easier.
  • For developers, integrating CaRP into other systems is going to get easier and more flexible.
  • CaRP Evolution's Flex Format, Replace Text, Filter and mySQL plugins are going to see big improvements.
  • Two new plugins will be added to CaRP Evolution...I wish I could tell you about them now, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!
  • As you might imagine, the prices of CaRP Koi and CaRP Evolution are going to increase--I'm not certain how much yet, but considering that this is going to be CaRP's biggest upgrade ever (and the fact that people already tell me I charge too little), it's going to be time for an increase. (Anyone who buys before the price increase will get all of the updates at no additional charge.)

The schedule for the upgrade may get pushed back by the fact that I'll be moving at the end of this month, but I expect to have it out by the end of November.