Moblogging: Moh ' blah ging n. 1. Mobile web logging. Web logging from a mobile device, esp. a mobile phone. 2. Another term that I don't like.

The problem with the term moblogging is that it's too easy to misread it "mob logging". It sounds like some kind of activist activity--artificially spontaneous crowds forming and blocking busy intersections, chanting their slogans for five minutes, and melting way or something. Even if you're an activist who likes to do such things, then while the misreading doesn't sully the name, it's still a misreading. It's hard enough to explain blogging to people without having to explain that mob-law-ging is supposed to be moh-blah-ging.

The only thing worse than bad terminology is a person who gripes about bad terminology without suggesting an alternative. So here goes. The obvious choice is "mobilogging". Yeah, it breaks up the word "blogging", but only slightly. Besides, even if it only really works as short for "mobile logging" and not "mobile web logging", is that a big deal? The virtue of the term is that the only way I can imagine it being misunderstood as describing some mob activity is if Apple releases a product called "iLogger", and people start reading it "mob eye logging".

Come to think of it, iBlog isn't such a bad name.