Every once in a while, I hear about another "National Something-Or-Other Day" or "National This-Or-That Month", and it makes me wonder. Who decides that August 5 will be "National Underwear Day"? (I'm not kidding about that one, by the way!)

Unless there's some Department of National Days and Months that I've never heard about, anybody can declare any day "National Buy My Product Day", for example. But why stop there? I've got a better idea.

I know I'm a little late getting this started, but I've just declared 2008 to be "National Buy CaRP Evolution Year". I'm very excited about celebrating this wonderful product, and would like to invite every household in the USA to participate.

But wait, what about those of you living outside the United States? Okay, let's do this -- let's make 2008 "International Buy CaRP Evolution Year"! Woohoo! Let the party begin!

Seriously though, I wonder how many of these national days are just attempts to sell products.