I'm running a one week only special on CaRP Evolution and YesTube to raise money to pay our greedy hospital. I'll get to the deal in just a minute, but first a little background.

A few months ago, my baby boy, Lincoln, got RSV. He spent 3 days in the hospital just in case things took a bad turn. He pulled through fine, thank goodness. But the hospital was less merciful than the virus.

I'm 99% certain the hospital's name was "St. Francis Medical Center", but from the bill, you'd think it was "Waldorf Astoria". I won't get into the details and all my complaints here -- suffice it to say it ended up costing us over $4600.

...Okay, one detail of complaint. They charged us something like $1200 for his breathing treatments -- not for the medicine, just for somebody to sit there holding a nebulizer for a few minutes a few times a day. We could have hired someone off the street to do it for $25, and they would have done just as good a job. (We did breathing treatments ourselves at home for the next month after he came home -- there's nothing difficult about it at all).

We do have insurance, but since nobody in the family ever seemed to get sick (until last winter!) we'd gone with a high deductible and HSA, so we're paying for everything. And our insurance company doesn't appear to have put much effort into negotiating rates.

Okay, enough about that. I need to get the rest of the hospital bill paid, so I'm offering you a deal. Until Friday, June 13, buy CaRP Evolution and YesTube together, and I'll give you the following 3 extra bonuses absolutely free:

1) ExPop: Exit hover ad generator. Regularly sells for $47. See http://www.geckotribe.com/expop/.

2) List Mailer GT Pro: Send email to 8 "viral" mailing list building services at the same time. Regularly sells for $10. See http://WhiteHatCrew.com/ListMailerGT/.

Reader Comment:
Antone Roundy said:
Update: Thanks are in order for St. Francis' Community Assistance Program -- we got a letter from them today saying that they'd essentially paid off our remaining balance.
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3) MP3 audio recording of "7 Ways to Turn RSS into R$$". Regularly sells for the curiously low price of just $1.

Here's how to get the deal: Go to http://www.geckotribe.com/YesTube/ and choose the "Buy YesTube and CaRP" option (by the way, if you don't know what YesTube is, you'll be able to see examples of it in action there).

After you've completed payment, you'll be sent immediately to the download page where you'll find download links for CaRP Evolution, YesTube, ExPop, List Mailer GT Pro and the MP3 audio recording.

This offer absolutely ends next Friday. So go to http://www.geckotribe.com/YesTube/ and take advantage of it now.