Russell Brunson's Zero to $100 Million Challenge started last week. I've been (and still am) pretty busy, so I just got around to joining today.

I've been following Russell and his company since last year a little before I launched my Guru Stalker website, and based on what I've already learned from him, I'm very excited to see all of the things he'll be teaching in the Challenge. It's obvious to anyone who's been watching that his company is stepping up to a new level recently, and I expect that to show through in the value he delivers to Challenge participants.

Oh, and did I mention that it's absolutely free?

Here's a "before" photo of me for the $100 Million Challenge. I took it with my cheap webcam even though I have a decent digital camera that would have made it look a lot better. The reason why is that I wanted this photo to represent my vision for what I want to accomplish in the Challenge.

Part of the Challenge is a contest to win a Corvette (or a number of smaller prizes). I'm sure there are people out there who think they're going to win the Corvette, but the prizes are far from being my primary motivation. If small odds of winning big prizes were what motivated me, I'd buy a lottery ticket. There are going to be a ton of highly motivated people chasing those prizes, many of whom don't have an existing business to maintain, a big partnership in the works that takes a lot of their time, etc.

So if I win a prize, fantastic. But I'm in this not to win a prize, but to learn and grow my business so that I'll be able to buy it for myself.

I'm in this to earn the money I need to buy a better webcam, to upgrade my aging computer (going from my old 400MHz G4 to a new iMac would take care of both of those), to be able to afford (if I so choose) to move out of my basement office into a "real" office, to be able to have a room with walls made of whiteboards (instead of just the one you can't really see behind me and that two you can't see at all in front of me), to be able to have a room with a wall painted green-screen-green instead of a piece of green cloth on a PVC frame like you see behind me (which I haven't used yet), to get a new video camera (one that would do green screen video better than what I've got)...

But even all that is secondary -- what it really comes down to is that I'm in this to take better care of my family's financial needs, and to spend more time with them. Growing and upgrading the business will be fun, but most importantly, it's a means to those ends. I'd rather drive my family around in a new mini-van than rack up speeding tickets in a Corvette.