Again, apologies to Edgar Allen Poe :-)


Read the moldy water bills,
Grimy bills!
What a world of drippiness their damp content refills!
Dew on barmy head alights
How the drippings give me frights!
From the liquid-schmiquid drops,
And my plugged drain,
What a limpid puddle plops
'Neath a turtle's belly flops, while she floats
Through my brain!
Oh, from out the garden hose,
What a gush of H20 voluminously flows!
How it leaks!
How it soaks
The furniture! How it sneaks
Through the rupture, oh the jokes
I am thinking 'bout the stinking
Water bills, bills, bills,
Water bills, bills, bills, bills,
Bills, bills, bills-
Oh the slimy, stinky, grimy water bills!