I released a new product today named "Fast JV" that makes it incredibly easy for any ClickBank affiliate to create promotional bundles of ClickBank products and attach bonus products to them without having to go through all the schmoozing that's usually necessary to set up a joint venture.

I was hoping to sell it through ClickBank, but since I've never sold a product through them before and thus don't have an established track record with them, they would have imposed a $50 price limit for the first 8 weeks -- way too low for a product that in my first very sloppily run test promo earned me many times that amount. I'll be selling through my regular checkout system initially, and putting one of my other products up for sale through ClickBank to establish my track record with them, and then moving it over to ClickBank when they're ready to let me charge a reasonable price for it.

Keep an eye on my White Hat Crew blog to see the deals that I put together using Fast JV, or subscribe to the mailing list (the form is on the blog page) for even more deals.