Having a great idea is a lot of fun. The initial rush of setting up a blog on a new topic that has inspired you will carry you through the first few days or weeks of entries. The problem isn't so much that the rush wears off and the blog dies as that nobody's around to see the inspired beginning. Unless you can muster inspiration day in and day out until you've built an audience, your best material may be the least read.

On the other hand, sometimes that first inspired stuff, while dripping with enthusiasm, also exposes your initial ignorance of a subject. My latest blog, Extreme Website Makeover may be closer to the second category than the first. I'm no design guru, but I've been around the web enough to have seen some web designs that I like and a lot that I don't, and even to have built a few that I'm partial to. The blog (and it's associated RSS and Atom feeds...without which it wouldn't be relevant to this blog) is subtitled "Design doctrines and direction from the Abbot of the CSS Trappist Monastery". I'll start off by pointing entries to great websites and cool web techniques, and see where it goes from there. It will be interesting to see whether a reader base develops.