4/26/2007 Update: The price is now locked at $14.95. This for a DVD recording of a seminar on making your mailing lists more profitable. The original cost of admission was $997!

If I were you, I wouldn’t even take the time to finish reading the rest of this post! Seriously, if you want to get the lowest price possible on the latest "Nickelmania" package, you have to get there before anyone else. They'll explain what it is on the following page, so just click to go there now.

What? Are you still here? Okay, here are some excerpts from their promotional materials, but seriously, you might pay more if you read it here first and then go there:

"Two of the Internet's best list-builders are releasing the entire recording of a private workshop they just held ... and you're going to have a chance to see it all.

"... the price for this incredible offer makes it even better ... They started the price for the workshop, sent to you on DVD, at just 5 cents! ...

"But get moving now, because the price is going up with each, and every sale...

"...this isn't an ebook or an audio file. They're shipping a real DVD to straight to your door. Check it out right now to lock in your low Nickel Mania price, before you miss this deal!"

Click to go there now.