I just posted a comment on Rich Schefren's blog. That triggered an automated email thanking me for the comment and linking to a few useful resources. The email had backslashes before all the quote marks and apostophes. I sent an email in response pointing out the problem and briefly suggesting possible causes. I got an automated response to that email saying that that email address gets too much volume, so please submit a ticket to the helpdesk.

No problem. I understand. I went to the helpdesk.

The problem is that when I got to the helpdesk, I discovered that before submitting my message, I had to go through a registration process, and the registration form required about 6 or 7 pieces of information. Sorry, that's too many hoops to jump through. I'll post my message here instead.

While I'm at it, one more suggestion: why not make it possible to create an account and submit a ticket at the same time. I would have been willing to do that.


The script that's generating these emails is inserting backslashes before all quote marks and apostrophes in the message -- either that or if the message is getting pulled from a database, perhaps that script that stores the message is adding extra backslashes before inserting the message into the database (eg. a PHP script doing something like addslashes($_POST['themessage']), which isn't necessary if your PHP installation is configured to automatically escape quote marks in the data you submit in the form, which most PHP installations are). Thought you might want to fix that.

Antone Roundy

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