If this list were worthy to be on itself, it'd just a be a list. But it takes laziness to be that bad, and I'm just not that lazy. Let me explain.

You've seen 'em: "54 great call to action buttons", "32 cool jQuery accordion menu scripts", "79 great header graphics for inspirtion", "15,327 free eCommerce icon sets"...

Okay, I'm not going to list 17 -- you get the idea. Webmasters wanting more traffic compile a list of a bunch of...something, and post it on their blog. They might include a screen shot and a quick blurb (often copied and pasted from the site they're linking to).

But that's it. And that's the problem.

All too often, these lists are nothing but compilations. With no comments. No rankings. No recommendations for which option is best for what purpose.

Seriously, how many jQuery accordian menu scripts does anybody need? Sure, it's possible one might not work in every place you want to use one. But generally, you're only going to need one.

So how useful is a list of jQuery accordian menu scripts that doesn't compare them or recommend a few of the best? About as useful as a Google search for "jQuery accordian menu". You might as well save yourself the trouble of compiling the list, and just post a link to the Google query.

Except that wouldn't bring in much traffic, would it?

So what's worse than posting a compilation to your blog? Tweeting about somebody else's useless compilation maybe?