Copyblogger is running a haiku writing contest and giving away a MacBook Air, Product Launch Formula 2.0, and the Teaching Sells online training program. I want the MacBook!

To that end, I've written a "morphing" haiku -- each line of the haiku morphs into the next, taking me from writing the haiku on line one to winning the MacBook on line 3! (See the demonstration below, which uses my brand-spanking new Morpheus text morphing script).

How could I possibly lose? (Uh, maybe because my haiku is, as the haiku says, a bit of a "mook" haiku.)

write a mook haiku,

wring a morph out, sketch a chair

By the way, the instructions in the haiku aren't quite accurate. Corrections:

  1. Don't sketch a chair.
  2. Do Twitter your haiku.
  3. Do submit to Copyblogger's contest.