In my dream, I am back in Japan riding a train. I get off the train, and onto a unicycle. After traveling some distance through town (mercifully, most of it downhill), I am nearing the place where I live. I part ways with some Japanese people I know, but haven't exactly been traveling with, and continue on a little farther with someone I knew beginning when I played AYSO soccer during elementary or junior high school. We also take seaparate roads, but just afterwards, enter into the same apartment complex from different directions (there are short tunnels from the outside into an inner court, off which are the doors to the apartments).I have just a vague notion of where I live, but when I see the place, it is obvious to me that two apartments on the ground floor are inhabited by Americans, and that's where I live. I go inside.

It's probably at this point that I realize that I am still a missionary. In the apartment are perhaps eight male missionaries and four female missionaries. One of the females is trying to play footsie with me, but I feel it is inappropriate (which for missionaries in my church, it would be--we're missionaries for 18 months to 2 years, during which time dating and similar relationships are not allowed), and so move away.

I have no memory of where I've been the past few weeks, and it seems there are rumors that I was off doing something wrong. But I explain that our mission president had told me that whatever it was I'd been doing was the right thing to do. Some in the room don't seem to believe me, and one comments to the effect that his saying that was an effective way to help me get confidence back--seeming to imply that it may not have been entirely true, though that person seemed to think that all was well, and was not being critical.