One man's junk
Is another man's treasure.
I've laid out my junk,
So, what's your pleasure?

I've got CDs
And videos.
You've got a new baby?
I've got baby clothes.

Here are some parts
From old computers,
And books on tape
For you commuters.

How 'bout a loveseat,
Or a kitchen chair?
A waffle iron,
Or some silverware?

This fish tank's still
In top condition.
I just got tired
Of putting fish in.

Need ski boots,
Or a hockey stick?
I've something here
That'll do the trick.

The sale is over
But my junk's not sold.
Throw it away?
Oh, that's so cold!

These discs and movies
And clothes, this chair,
This waffle iron
And silverware,

This hockey stick,
This old loveseat,
These ski boots,
Just right for my feet,

To Saturday shoppers
Junk they may be,
But they're still worth
Something to me.