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Symbols of My Life

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This image represents an angel named Moroni, who delivered plates upon which the record from which The Book of Mormon was translated to Joseph Smith. Statues of Moroni appear on the steeples of many of my church's temples.

My religion permeates each day of my life, directly through study of the scriptures and prayer, and indirectly through the values I have learned over my lifetime. It helps me to improve my family relationships, to keep my priorities straight, and to make wise choices when faced with bad choices in nice packages.

Getting married and having a child, while not a source exclusively of bliss, is the best thing outside of my faith that has ever happened to me. (Of course, my family is also an integral part of my religious life).

My favorite past time is generating and developing ideas, whether it be software creation, writing, or any of a million other sorts of creative bursts that I cultivate whenever the opportunity arises. My wife sometimes gives me funny looks, but it doesn't seem to hurt our relationship!

Computer programming and web design are not only my vocation, but also my avocation. Fortunately, my (a)vocation is becoming more profitable lately, or I'd have to do something else, and I'd rather not think about what that might be.

This symbol I would like to erase from my life. Starting a business takes time, and unfortunately, expenses don't automatically shrink in proportion to one's shortness of income. As my businesses grow, my debts have finally begun to decrease.

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