Aloha Michael! I tried contacting you through your help desk system, but the registration confirmation email never reached my mail server, so I'll post here instead.

First of all, congratulations on your wedding! Your first-ever surfing attempt photo looks much better than one of my first attempt would have been. The wetsuit I was wearing was a bit too big, and I had a really hard time paddling with my water-logged arms. So I never managed to get a proper ride. I hope your honeymoon continues (or continued) to be as fun as it sounds like it's been so far.

Second, I want to tell you about a new tool that would have saved you or your staff a bit of tedium a few months ago. On April 27, you sent out a promo email for Success Team, and offered a free bonus for anyone who paid for it through your affiliate link. To redeem the offer, the buyer emailed your their ClickBank receipt ID. Soneone validated it (I presume) and then sent the bonus item to the buyer.

You can now automate that process using a program named Fast JV. You specify which ClickBank product or products the customer has to purchase, and Fast JV will verify their receipt IDs and provide download links to the bonus product or products that you specify.  The download links automatically expire after a specified amount of time. Fast JV can also display content (such as a mailing list signup form) to people who  redeem your offer. And it tracks which recipt IDs have been used with which promotions so that people don't pass their receipts around and reuse them.  You can even make more complex offers such as "Buy product X and I'll give you bonus A, or buy product X and either Y or Z and I'll also give you bonus B."

I just thought you might want to know.