Support for the Atom format is growing, but it's certainly not as extensive as support for RSS. Because of this, it is sometimes useful to be able to convert Atom feeds to RSS. If, for example, you are using CaRP to display RSS feeds on your website, and you find an Atom feed you'd like to display, you'll need to convert it to RSS first. This week, I released an update to Grouper sporting a new plugin for reading XML files, and a helper plugin with the necessary configuration settings and extra code to support Atom 0.3 feeds.

If you're not familiar with Grouper, it's an RSS generator that started out as a tool for converting search results from Google News and Yahoo! News to RSS. Since then, I've added plugins to do caching and a little bit of other useful stuff with RSS feeds from Feedster and Daypop, and one for scraping blogs and other regularly formatted web pages, and of course, the XML conversion stuff that I just released.

My next job will be to update Jawfish so my users there will have access to Atom feeds.