I think I got stung by a wasp yesterday. You're probably thinking that's not how people usually describe the experience, so let me explain.

My brother in law brought some fireworks over yesterday including a few of the kind that shoot out parachutes. The two big ones were amazing -- there's wasn't that much of a wind, but they stayed up so long that they floated a block away and landed in the schoolyard.

After we'd taken the kids and retrieved them, they were throwing them up in the air in the front yard, and I got an idea. I went up onto the deck off the second story of the house and asked them to throw them up to me. Unfortunately, the parachutes opened and prevented them from getting all the way up. So I found a rope, tied a loose knot in the end, and dropped it down so they could put the parachutes in for me to pull up.

As I was waiting, a wasp landed on my wrist. I immediately shook it off and went back inside. As I looked out, I noticed that there was a wasp nest under the railing of the deck, right where I'd been standing!

I went downstairs to tell everyone why I wasn't up there waiting to pull up the parachutes, and noticed that my wrist was getting a little itchy. Soon a little bump came up and grew to about 3mm across.

I'm guessing that the wasp that landed on my wrist was just beginning to sting as I flicked it off, so I didn't even feel the sting, but it got a little of it's poison in. I think that's the first time I've ever been stung by anything.

The bump disappeared after not too long. Before going to bed, I grabbed a can of wasp spray from the garage and got my totally-out-of-proportion revenge.