Every once in a while, I remember this movie I saw on TV a few times when I was a kid, but I can never remember what it was called. LazyWeb, help! And while you're at it, I've got another one.

Here's what I can remember about the first movie:

* The main characters are police trying to find a murderer.

* The murderer is a crazy old lady.

* Near the climax, she almost kills one of the cops using a knife she's hiding under an afghan.

* She says "noni, noni, noni" to herself -- kinda creepy, especially when you're a little kid.

* I THINK in the same movie (but maybe not), the cop is trying to follow someone. I think they were both on a bus and the guy he's trying to follow just got off, or he was on the bus and saw the guy. An old lady getting on the bus prevents he from following, and says "let me by, young man, let me by." (Funny the little snippets you remember!)

* It MAY be set in San Francisco.

The other movie...which may be the source of the bus scene mentioned above...is one where the killer is a blind guy who's practiced shooting a dart gun at a grandfather clock to learn to shoot at the source of a sound. I think it was his wife that he wanted to shoot.

Anybody know what either of those movies are called?