A few notes about the migration of a bunch of my blogs to this one:

  1. WordPress has a script that does a fantastic job of importing data from Blogger-powered blogs. I have one recommendation however for anyone combining multiple blogs. If you wish to put all (or most) of the entries from one Blogger blog into one category in your WordPress blog, create the category and select it as your default category before importing. I didn't do this and ended up spending a fair amount of time categorizing entries after importing. (I would have had to do some of that anyway, because not everything translated directory from one blog to one category, but it would have made it a lot easier.) To select a default category, click "Options / Writing" in the WordPress admin panel.
  2. I've redirected all of my old RSS feeds to my WordPress Atom 1.0 feeds. If you were subscribed to the old feeds using a feed reader that doesn't support Atom 1.0, you'll have to reset your subscription using the main RSS feed (or figure out the URL for a category RSS feed--I haven't linked to those since I haven't hacked them up to the quality level of the category Atom feeds).
  3. I just realized that I need to go back and redirect the Atom 0.3 feeds from my Blogger blogs to the category feeds in the new blog. I believe those are currently redirecting to the blog homepage.