The electronic crystal ball has shown me two words: "silent fuse". I see nothing. I see something. The future becomes clear.

French and Swiss astronomers claim to have found the most distant galaxy ever seen, 13.23 billion light years from earth. The light from this galaxy is said to have been emitted when the universe was just 470 million years young.

But enough back story. I see the utter silence of the nothingness before the Big Bang followed by the biggest KABLOOEY I've ever experienced. The crystal ball sits quivering for a few seconds. I see gazillions of particles saying goodbye to each other as they rush out and begin to form atoms, molecules, planets, stars, galaxies and big hunks of stuff. I see the Milky Way galaxy beginning to form. I see the HP Way galaxy. I hear the Disney Way galaxy singing "Let's get together" to the Pixar Way galaxy. I hear the Pixar Way galaxy singing "My Way". I see the Microsoft Way galaxy fusing with all sorts of smaller galaxies, devouring their stars and spitting out X-Box rays.

Then my inner eye turns to the future. I hear lonely galaxies making phone calls to each other and setting up a huge inter-galactic party. I hear many say sorry but they can't make it--they've got a date with a void. I hear others saying, yeah, I'll be there. I see a Little Crunch in which some parts of the universe fuse back together while other continue to expand forever.

Can this future be avoided? My gut tells me that an inter-galactic web of worm holes would take care of the loneliness and avert the Little Crunch. But just as astronomers need bigger telescopes to see further into the past, I'll need a bigger crystal ball to see that far into the future. Any clams, dinero, rubles, rupees or other miscellaneous moolah you could funnel my way would be a great help!