In my dream, I'm playing soccer. The field is crowded with players, few of whom are wearing uniforms, so it's difficult to tell who's on which team. Soon after the dreams starts, I become our goalie. One of my teammates is standing right in front of me, blocking my view of the ball, which allows our opponents to score easily. To make up for his mistake, my teammate attacks the ball vigorously the next time and keeps it away from the goal for a moment, but soon after, another goal is scored at the opposite end of our goal from where I am. There had been too many players between me and that end of the goal for me to get over to block the shot.

Next, I manage to stop a shot and pick up the ball. Two players from the other team grab my arms and pull, trying to get me to drop the ball. I ask for a foul to be called, but they insist that they are allowed to do this. In the mean time, all my teammates are standing around and are covered. I tell them to get open so I can get the ball to them. One finally breaks for an open spot. I try to throw the ball to him, but between having someone hanging onto my arm and the unusual geometry of dreams, it flies over the end line, resulting in a corner kick.

Soon after, the other team scores again.