The electronic crystal ball has shown me two words: "tint apart". I see brows. I see eyes. I see deep into the soul. The soul of capitalism, that is. The future becomes clear.

Eyebrow grooming has a history dating back to ancient Egypt. Well worked brows can enhance the beauty of a face and distract from its flaws (such as eyes set "too far apart"). Brows can also be tinted to match colored hair. This much you can learn without a crystal ball.

I foresee the rise of eyebrow and lash specialists who charge an arm hair and a leg hair to prep one's look for a job interview, a date, etc. As the art advances and people become concerned that they are being manipulated by facial hair manipulation, I foresee a backlash against lash and brow grooming. I foresee extreme reactionaries going so far as to wear glasses that look like the old "x-ray specs", that promise to show what a person would look like with their natural hair. The specs will succeed in reducing the influence of brow and lash enhancements, but not for the reasons claimed. Instead, they will simply impair the wearer's vision enough that they can't see people in enough detail to be affected by their grooming.

Can this future be avoided? I hope not, because I'm going to be selling the x-ray specs.