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Antone Roundy
Programmer, web designer, artist, husband, father, brother, son

Ultrasound image of our baby

Pre-release photo of our first child

Antone's Goals:
-- Pay for my wife to finish school
-- Achieved! Move into a place big enough for us when our baby gets a little older, and for the dog my wife wants
-- Support education: help people out of poverty by enabling them to gain the knowledge and skills they need to make a good living
-- Pay off credit cards
-- Achieved! Build sufficient income to support my family and help our parents
Product Development:
-- Build various RSS and Atom feed related software
-- Make video effects plug-ins for iMovie and AfterEffects/Premiere (3/13/2003: my first iMovie plug-in is available now!)
-- Make a number of short films that I have scripts partially written for
-- Write novels and other books (I have two novels planned, plus one book about finding lasting joy)
-- and more (ideas I don't want to give away before I have a chance to try them!)
On this site:

Alpha Gecko - my main blog covering everything from art to XML
Read My Dreams - post your analysis!
New Years Resolutions - track my progress (or lack thereof, oops!) on my New Years Resolutions
Message Board - post a message about just about anything (just keep in clean and friendly)

Some of my other sites:

Gecko Tribe, LLC (company homepage)
White Hat Crew (main marketing blog)
Chess Hounds (free online chess)
Chordata (RSS/Atom feed directory)
Machine Vision Tools (machine/computer vision software)
LDS Singles Network
Live LDS (practical issues and insights into living as a Latter-day Saint)
Doodle (doodles, humor, poetry, etc.)
FileMaker Pro Tools
Arts (films, literature & graphic arts)

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In my dream, I've just returned from Europe. I leave home in the morning to find that some group has posted a billboa...
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In my dream, I walk into a room where Ozzy Osbourne is performing for a small group. The music isn't nearly as loud a...
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» Saddam the Red and the Essenes
In my dream, Saddam Hussein is on the polar ice cap. There is a hole in the ice, underneath which a Soviet submarine ...
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» Basketball with Alan Alda
In my dream, I'm at the home where I grew up playing one-on-one basketball with Alan Alda. I score a point with a wil...
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» Sing it: "Why is everything so lame?"
In my dream, I'm sitting at the piano listening to a cassette that I accidentally got from Columbia House because I n...
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» Lightning and mud
In my dream, I am in a one room building on a hillside, surrounded by many people. The walls of the building are most...
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» The Science Tree
In my dream, I, my brother, and some girl are perhaps a hundred feet up in a tall tree. I look to one side and in an ...
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