It’s time to try something fun — a Trade-Up!

Have you heard the story of the guy who traded a paper clip for a house? I’m not kidding. It took him almost a year and 14 trades to get there, but he managed to trade up in value from one red paper clip to a […]

A few days ago, I was surprised to see that, according to Google Webmaster Tools, a lot of the pages on several of my sites were marked as “Not Selected” for indexing. Usually, that would indicate duplicate content, or that there are multiple URLs that can be used to access the same pages on your […]

I signed up recently for the Post Office’s “Real Mail” notification. The deal is, when you’ve got something in your PO Box, they send you an email to tell you so.

I’m expecting a check — some affiliate commissions. For a few days, I’ve gotten emails, but haven’t been able to get to the bo […]

I was watching a video of a business consultation my bother (the lawyer) did with a local businessman recently. One of the things he said was that fear is always a bad value.

Sometimes people say that fear is good when it keeps you from doing dumb things. And that’s true. But the point is […]

Am I the only one who gets a little annoyed by all those “share this if you…” pictures on Facebook? I love my kids, support causes A, B and C, and all that. But I don’t want to share the pictures. Especially when they’re nothing but a cutesy, pink background and some words that imply […]

If you use Amazon’s KindleGen program to generate Kindle eBooks on the Mac, I’ve got a little script for you that will enable you to drag-and-drop your source material and run KindleGen automatically, rather than having to open a Terminal window and type filenames and paths on the command line.

Copy the following code and […]

I recently got a new Mac Mini. I love having so much computer in such a small, quiet package. But I do have a few gripes about changes between Leopard and Lion, mostly having to do with differences between Spaces and Mission Control.

First, when I switch between apps (using cmd-tab or by clicking an […]

I’ve posted an idea for an English phonetic spelling system before. It’s an idea I’d still like to see implemented. But I’ve changed some of the details.

As I recently commented on Facebook (reproduced here since the comment isn’t publicly visible):

The transition to phonetic spelling would be painful for a little while. But the […]

If you’re anything like I used to be, getting regular exercise is a chore that you have a hard time sticking to for long. Hopefully my experience slaying that dragon will help. (Plus, you can download a free script I created to help near the end of this post.)

I’d known for years that I […]

Here’s a little number puzzle that I dreamed up today for your geniuses out there. Explain this sequence of numbers:

2, 3, 5, 10, 17, 41, 100, 245, 765, 2502, 10453

I could have made it a little easier…but why spoil the fun! If anyone gets it, I’ll be very impressed. (If it stumps you, […]

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