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Blog Riffers: building content, connections and community

Alpha Gecko is the weblog of Antone Roundy, 99.9% owner and operator of Gecko Tribe, LLC. This weblog replaces a number of Blogger-powered weblogs that I had created over the years. Eventually, I decided that rather than having a separate weblog for each of the gazillion topics that I post about from time to time, a single weblog with categories would enable me to overcome the problem of many of my weblogs being updated so infrequently. Because Blogger does not have category support, that meant finding a new blogging engine. After a little research, I settled on WordPress.

As solid a starting point as WordPress is, it needed a little hacking before it was ready for use. Aside form a number of cosmetic changes, I altered the category template to provide a link to category-level Atom feeds so that you can easily subscribe to any section of this blog that you wish. I also hacked the Atom feed script to make it output Atom 1.0 instead of 0.3, and to make it use the category title and description in category-level feeds. The category feeds have one flaw--they don't use a <source> element to hold the metadata for the main feed. Maybe I'll fix that someday.